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Finding Hash Contacts

Sorry to keep harping on the regional hash contact websites, but too many hashers don’t know they exist. When they want to know if there’s a hash in some other city or country, they ask other hashers on HashSpace or the Hash List. Which is fine, but when they get an answer, [...]


Founding Tales

Ra, editor and publisher of the renowned (ahem) Half-Mind Catalog, started a new site dedicated to hash history. His purpose is to collect and share founding tales, stories of how hash kennels around the world were started: who did it, when, and why. A few spoilsports on Facebook were quick to point out that there [...]


Dropping Out

Dropping out of what? The hash calendar business, that’s what.

Himalayan H3, Nepal

I started publishing the Half-Mind Hash Calendar in 1995. It was the first web-based listing of international hash events, and in its day provided a real service to traveling hashers.

I’m retired now, no longer a traveling hasher, and other interests [...]


Another Great Gone

I’m very sorry to forward this announcement from our friend Amnesia:

It is with deep sadness I have to advise that Dr. Gordon ‘Prof’ Williams, a long-time member of Bicester Hash House Harriers, died this morning.

I first met Prof in 1978 when he arrived at the hash one Monday evening. From first sight he [...]


Epiphanies R Us

So here’s another one: I’m getting ready to update the calendar yesterday when it hits me there’s no evidence anyone uses it. There are other online hash calendars, not to mention a user-supported list of upcoming events on HashSpace.

Any objections if I phase it out? Editing it is a significant amount of work, and [...]


Hidden Heresy

Prompted by my previous post about the “drinking club with a running problem” motto favored by many hashers, a friend alerted me to a hidden heresy on the San Francisco H3 website.

First look at this:

Screen capture from SFH3 home page (click image to link)

Then this:

Screen capture from Google (click [...]


Booger’s Hash Bag

A couple of items that have been bouncing around in the bottom of the bag:

Hops, he of Red Dress Run fame, shares my disdain for the widely-used “Drinking Club with a Running Problem” motto. It’s certainly true hashers drink (most of us, anyway). It’s certainly true we traditionally have beer after a trail. But [...]


Is Stray Dog “Poison for the Hash”?

Update (9/11/11): Was just informed that Stray Dog did attend an InterAmericas Hash, the one in Orlando in 1995. I updated the entry to reflect that, and apologize for getting that detail wrong.

Last month, after Stray Dog declared that Interhash 2012 had been taken away from Indonesia and given to Kenya, a Dutch hasher [...]