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Memetime in Hashville

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.


A Visit from St. Gispert

’Twas the night before Hashmas, and all through the land, Hashers were stirring, the trail would be grand; Their hash bags were stuffed in the B-Van with care, In hopes our Grand Master soon would be there.

The harriettes were wrapped all snug in their sweats, Speaking, as usual, like they all had Tourette’s; And [...]


Hashy Links

For some reason the San Diego news channel that owns this video disabled embedding. Clicking on the image will open the video on their web site. Trust me, it’s worth the click!


And now for something completely different …

Somehow I got on the mailing list for the brilliant Stockholm Absolut Hash House Harriers’ [...]


SWP Files: Case #14-164751

Another entry for the Suspicious White Powder files, posted to Facebook this morning by a hasher in Texas:

Incredible Edible Spread, from DFWHHH, also works at the Police Department. After a NoDUH hash she found this:

Incredible Edible Spread here sending out my hearty congratulations to Bald Head Yogurt Slinger & Just Bryan for creating [...]


We Are Not Worthy!

Talent in the hash, who’d a thunk it? Here’s a harrier with an artistic bent who illustrates his mates’ hash names. This is his interpretation of Cherry Splatterpuss:

Click on the image to see the artist’s Tumblr, which contains several examples of his work.




Ask Doctor Down-Down

Dear Hasher, are you DFL, DOT, and SOL? Well, cheer up! On-ins are closer than you think. Just ask Doctor Down-Down to show you the way!

Dear Readers,

As you know, Dr. Down-Down is serving out a 99-year mail fraud sentence at the Laramie Men’s Correctional Facility and unable to [...]


A New Hope

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away . . .

Luke: You were in a hash kennel?

Ben: I was once a Hash House Harrier, the same as your father.

Luke: My father wasn’t a Hash House Harrier. He was a navigator on a space freighter.

Ben: That’s what your mother [...]


O Noes We Are Hash Trashin’!

One of my favorite hash trashes, from a traditional mens’ hash back in July 2004, recycled here for your pleasure:


I am thinkin if Dick Cheney was to have showed up tonight he woulda told the hares to fuck themselves. But he did not an so we did.

“On no Flyin Booger [...]