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HHHistory on Facebook

Shakesprick’s Hashpaedia is no more (boo!). Shakesprick’s A History of the Hash House Harriers is on Facebook (yay!). Here’s a screen grab of the introductory post:

Actually, the Facebook page isn’t intended to replace Hashpaedia. That, if you read Shakesprick’s post above, will happen in book form, some time in 2017. Meanwhile, [...]


Half-Mind Interview: Nut N Honey

The hash has its share of creative people, and one of the most creative hashers I know is Southern California’s Nut N Honey, who several years ago designed this flour bag logo for me, a logo I proudly used on the Half-Mind Catalog and continue to use on this little hashing blog. It’s perfect!

Nut [...]


Half-Mind Interviews

After a long break I recently added two new Half-Mind Interviews to these pages. The latest hashers to bare all are the Long Island Lunatics H3′s I Feel Tower and the Happy Heretics H3′s own Shit Happens. You can see both interviews immediately below this post.

All total, I’ve interviewed 44 hashers to date, and [...]


Waltz Me Around by My Willie

Everybody knows Willie, right? Veteran member of the USA’s oldest kennel, the Washington DC Hash House Harriers, elder statesman of American hashing? What? You don’t? You need to get out more!

Bill Singleton, known to hashers everywhere as Willie, lives and hashes in Washington DC (duh), where he’s been on-on for 35 years. During that [...]


R.I.P. Wolf

Just got word that Wolfgang Gust, aka The Wolf, passed away on trail today. Wolf was one of the legendary figures of hashing and I’m proud to have known and have hashed with him. To die while literally on trail . . . now there was a hasher’s hasher!

In memory of Wolf, I’m reposting [...]


Interview Intermission

No, the hasher interviews aren’t over, not by a long shot . . . we’re just taking a short break.

Coming soon: interviews with Urine (UK), Catwoman (USA), Horn-E (USA), Swamp Bitch (USA), Jock Trader (USA), Higgins (Belgium), Patchwork Quilt (USA), Imelda (Thailand), Likk’mm (Switzerland), Bouncing Czech (duh, guess where?), Grizzly (Australia), W.E.N.D.Y. (New Zealand), [...]