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A Visit from St. Gispert

’Twas the night before Hashmas, and all through the land, Hashers were stirring, the trail would be grand; Their hash bags were stuffed in the B-Van with care, In hopes our Grand Master soon would be there.

The harriettes were wrapped all snug in their sweats, Speaking, as usual, like they all had Tourette’s; And [...]


More HHHistory

Last night, a hasher friend posted this on Facebook:

What followed was a long quote from the songbook’s introduction. It’s easier to just copy and paste the text than to post a screenshot:

Editor’s introduction

I stated up front that this book is a collaborative effort. Not unlike any joint venture in [...]


Hash Songs & Circles

Parts of an ongoing conversation, mostly carried out on hash-l:

Chicago Hasher (responding to a hash-l message about skits at the upcoming InterAmericas Hash in Savannah, Georgia):

Speaking of skits, I was wondering if anyone was going to do something like this after the latest ruling from the White House.

Melody – Ballad of the [...]


Next Thanksgiving

From the Half-Mind Hymnal:

NEXT THANKSGIVING Melody – Frere Jacques

Next Thanksgiving, next Thanksgiving, Don’t eat bread, don’t eat bread, Shove it up the turkey, shove it up the turkey, Eat the bird, eat the bird.

Next Christmas, next Christmas, Don’t trim a tree, don’t trim a tree, Shove it up the chimney, shove it [...]


I Bet You Think this Song Is About You, Don’t You

I’m feeling vain about the Half-Mind Hymnal this morning. Why? Because of you.

You’re awesome. You got what I was trying to do with the Half-Mind Catalog and helped make it a collaborative effort, not a one-man show like most other hashing sites. You supported it by contributing articles, improvements, and added features, then took [...]


Sunday Is a Hashing Day

I know, I know . . . in the song, Sunday is a day of rest . . . Saturday’s the hashing day. But in my life, twice a month, Sunday’s a hashing day: every second Sunday for the PISS Hash, every third Sunday for the Pedalfiles Hash. We can rest when we’re dead.

We’re [...]


An On-Oniversary

Pick’n’Flick & Flying Booger were married 43 years ago today. How. About. That.

In honor of which, and because it’s been a long time since we’ve had something from the Hymnal, a song:

Will You Marry Me? (Duet) Click here for a recording of this great old song

If I give [...]


Hash Songs Ruin You for Everything Else

More on last weekend’s trip, when Pick’n’Flick, Green Flagger, and I drove to Las Vegas to see Nose Candy, his wife Beth, and our grandchildren. We always stop for lunch in Wickenburg, Arizona – the Dude Ranch Capitol of the West! – and this time we decided to eat at a picnic table in the [...]