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SWP Files: Case #14-164751

Another entry for the Suspicious White Powder files, posted to Facebook this morning by a hasher in Texas:

Incredible Edible Spread, from DFWHHH, also works at the Police Department. After a NoDUH hash she found this:

Incredible Edible Spread here sending out my hearty congratulations to Bald Head Yogurt Slinger & Just Bryan for creating [...]


SWP in Blighty: Dog-Nappers or Terrorists?

SWP (suspicious white powder) strikes again!

Hmmm. Looks like a hash mark to me. And of course that’s exactly what it is, as explained by representatives of the Bicester Hash.

You can click on the graphics to see the full items. The first one, the Facebook post about dognapping, [...]


Suspicious White Powder … Again

Well, yay, I have two recent incidents to add to my Suspicious White Powder files. The first comes from a Tucson hasher, who passes on an email posted to her neighborhood listserv about a month ago:

Good morning Neighbors,

Does anyone know what the white powder that is on the ground all [...]


PISS Hash Trash: 9/9/12

The Pima Independent Sunday Social Hash House Harriers are back after a summer break, hashier than ever … it was raining hard about an hour before the start and I worried no one would show up, but wow, what a turnout!

The pack (minus hares CD & Slew, and the photographer, yours truly)

Beggin’ [...]


There’ll Always Be an England



Myself and a colleague were called to a farm near Minety, Wiltshire today following reports of some mysterious white powder and markings at various points along footpaths crossing the farm. We had not heard of Hashing and it wasn’t until the runners came through and we spoke to them that we [...]


Yelling “Fire!” in a Crowded Theater (Now with Four Updates, & Censored to Boot)

Can this possibly be true? According to the two articles below, this guy, apparently a hare for the Peach Fuzz H3, laid flour inside an International House of Pancakes restaurant in Augusta, Georgia, and when confronted by an IHOP employee, said the powder was anthrax and ran away.

Is this even remotely believable? I know [...]


One Way to Tear Down a Hash

Sue a big company. Even if you’re in the right, even if you eventually win, it’s hell on the hash.

Here’s a quick summary of two previous blog posts on this subject:

I shared a newspaper article about a lawsuit between members of the Sacramento H3 and a large aerospace defense contractor, Aerojet. Some [...]


Update on Sacramento

Well, this is interesting … after I posted the entry about the run-in, lawsuit, and subsequent legal settlement between Aerojet plant security and some Sacramento, California hashers (two entries below, or click here), a confidential informant emailed me a PDF copy of the actual lawsuit filed by five Sacramento H3 members against Aerojet.

I’m reluctant [...]